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application time bitchez<3

4x.TOP 10 bands:give up the ghost, alexisonfire, evergreen terrace, nicholson, funeral for a friend, from autumn to ashes, eighteen visions, the daughters, anterrabae, fear before the march of flames.
5x.Fav.hXc band:nicholson, got to have love for hardcore/electronica.
6x.First show:coheed and cambria, rainer maria, sparta, funeral for a friend.
7x.Fav. show: anterrabae, eighteen visions, from autumn to ashes, and atreyu.
8x.Are you edge?: yup
9x. give up the ghost or american nightmare?:give up the ghost
10x. the locust or the blood brothers?: def. the blood brothers
11x. norma jean or glassjaw?:tough..norma jean.
12x. alexisonfire or emery?:alexisonfire
13x. everytimeidie or as i lay dying?as i lay dying
14x. Would you like to have sexual relations with your mods?uh, YEAH? casey already knows i want in his pants.
15x. Why exactly do you think you should be accepted?because i'm eating spiderman mac and cheese. and i've been pronounced dead three times and hit by a car twice..both times by drunk drivers. 
16x. promote us to someone...NOW.....then post the link here:OKAY!, and
17x. post 3 CLEAR CLEAR CLEAR pictures here (nudes are accepted haha):here it goes..

new hair above.

old hair below.

i just finished a bowl of absolutely amazing mac and cheese, and i look at the bottom in the saucy mess and see a lovely dead spider. in my spiderman mac and cheese. nuts? i thought so.

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