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1x.NAME/GENDER: Kerri/Female
2x.AGE: 16
3x.LOCATION: Millville, Ma
4x.TOP 10 bands: Finch, Midtown, Underoath, Atreyu, Taking Back Sunday, Thursday, The Early November, The Juliana Theory, Glassjaw, Ima Robot
5x.Fav.hXc band: alexisonfire
x.First show: Backstreet Boys. Didn't really like them all too much, but I had the oppurtunity to go see them in concert like 5 years ago.
7x.Fav. show: Local H, Lit, Finger Eleven...WBRU free summer concert series (tomorrow's shall be awesome: Monty's Fan Club, Midtown, and lostprophets)
8x.Are you edge?: I wouldn't label myself as edge or not but I prefer not to do stupid stuff like drink or smoke.
9x. give up the ghost or american nightmare?: give up the ghost
10x. the locust or the blood brothers?: the locust!
11x. norma jean or glassjaw?: glassjaw
12x. alexisonfire or emery?: alexisonfire
13x. everytimeidie or as i lay dying? as i lay dying
14x. Would you like to have sexual relations with your mods? actually sure. Both of you are pretty damn hot.
15x. Why exactly do you think you should be accepted? Because I'll be very active and I am very honest when rating other people. Plus i love music.
16x. promote us to someone...NOW.....then post the link here: here
17x. post 3 CLEAR CLEAR CLEAR pictures here (nudes are accepted haha):

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