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1x.NAME/GENDER: saira/dudette
2x.AGE: 15
3x.LOCATION: south florida
4x.TOP 10 bands: the bronx, give up the ghost, glassjaw, a7x, head automatica, the eyeliners, pretty girls make graves, kill hannah, letterkills, and from fist to last.
5x.Fav.hXc band: glassjaw ... first hxc band i listened to
6x.First show: my friend's band, seized property
7x.Fav. show: glassjaw
8x.Are you edge?: sure am
9x. give up the ghost or american nightmare?: give up the ghost
10x. the locust or the blood brothers?: blood brothers
11x. norma jean or glassjaw?: glassjaw
12x. alexisonfire or emery?: alexisonfire
13x. everytimeidie or as i lay dying? every time i die
14x. Would you like to have sexual relations with your mods? maybe..
15x. Why exactly do you think you should be accepted? because you can
16x. promote us to someone...NOW.....then post the link here:
17x. post 3 CLEAR CLEAR CLEAR pictures here (nudes are accepted haha):

i dont think you would want to see me nude. haha

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