zakattacker (zakattacker) wrote in kidxhomicide,

applying motha fuckas

1x.NAME/GENDER: Zak Young / Male

2x.AGE: 18

3x.LOCATION: Dallas, TX

4x.TOP 10 bands: Avenged Sevendfold, My Chemical Romance, Time in Malta, Tsunami Bomb, The Streets, System of a Down, Trauma, Children of Bodom, Crimson, A Static Lullaby

5x.Fav.hXc band: currently = Trauma

6x.First show: Avenged Sevenfold

7x.Fav. show: My Chemical Romance

8x.Are you edge?: nope

9x. give up the ghost or american nightmare?: give up the ghost

10x. the locust or the blood brothers?: the blood brothers

11x. norma jean or glassjaw?: niether, but ill go with glassjaw

12x. alexisonfire or emery?: alexisonfire

13x. everytimeidie or as i lay dying? everytimeidie

14x. Would you like to have sexual relations with your mods? hmmmm no

15x. Why exactly do you think you should be accepted? cause i kinda know some of you

16x. promote us to someone...NOW.....then post the link here:

17x. post 3 CLEAR CLEAR CLEAR pictures here (nudes are accepted haha):

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